55+ Best 10th Birthday Wishes for Sister with Pictures

Wish your lovely sister a very happy birthday on turning 10. Make your sister feel happy on her special day with best birthday wishes and messages. This page is featured with the 10th birthday wishes for sister along with images and pictures. Our previous collection featured birthday wishes for sisters and this collection contains 10th bday wishes for sis. It’s a great time for you to make this day one of the unforgettable days of her life. I’ve shared some heart-touching, cute, and lovely sayings over here which can help you in doing so. Although gifts can do wonders on her tenth birthday you should wish her some beautiful wishes.

Happy 10th birthday wishes for sister

happy 10th birthday wishes for sister

  1. I hope we will always be friends and always be there for each other. Wish you a very happy 10th birthday. Love you, sister
  2. Today you will be 10, and tomorrow I promise to give you a treat for this special day. You deserve the world and happy birthday, sister. I love you. Best wishes!
  3. You are a sister that God has blessed me with. You deserve all the best in this world. I love you! Happy 10th bday!
  4. This card is my way of thanking you and letting you know I really appreciate what you’ve done. May your special day be filled with lots of happiness and joy!
  5. Hey, it’s your birthday. I am sending you this message to say happy 10th birthday! I can’t help but thank you for being my sister.
  6. Happy 10th birthday kiddo! Now that you’re a big boy, please don’t give your parents too much headache! Always listen to them because they know what’s best for you!
  7. Happy birthday! You’re only 10 but you think like a man and that makes me so proud as your mom! But please don’t grow up too fast my child! Enjoy the journey because you truly deserve to be happy!
  8. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest 10-year-old! May your birthday be as great as you are and may you receive all the gifts that you desired in your heart!
  9. Being TEN means you are Terrific, Exceptional, and Nice! Indeed, those are the perfect words to describe you, my love! Happy 10th birthday!
  10. Happy 10th birthday to you! Don’t be afraid to aim high and reach the sky! No matter how big your dreams are, we will make sure to support you with all our might!
  11. Double-digit already! Now we’re in the same class of age, so we’ll now share the house chores equally. Happy 10th Birthday, Cute Sis.
  12. My little queen is turning 10, you deserve all the toys you want as you did a good job. Best wishes from your big sister.
  13. Wow, you are already ten. Soon enough, you will be a teen! But I guess I’m still allowed to call you a child because that is what you will always be in my heart! Enjoy your day, sweetheart!
  14. Hey, my beloved sister! On your 10th birthday, I wish for you to continue shining as brightly as you have always done.

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Happy tenth birthday messages for sis

happy tenth birthday messages for sis

  1. I had just turned 7 when you entered the world, and now 10 years have gone past. Happy 10th birthday, little sister—I’m proud to have someone like you in my family!
  2. I’m not quite sure where the last 10 years have gone, but I know that I wouldn’t be the same person without you. Happy birthday little sister.
  3. Happy 10th bday to my youngest sister, This girl is one of a kind, and I’m lucky to have her as a part of our family.
  4. Do you remember 10 years ago when little sis came along and made our family complete? We love you to the moon, back, and everywhere in between.
  5. Happy 10th bday to our little sis You are loved, cherished, and beautiful. Here’s to a year of fun, friendships, and overflowing joy!
  6. Hurrah! This is the first two-digit anniversary of your life! Sweetheart, you have become more beautiful and intelligent. I’m so proud of you! Enjoy your 10th birthday.
  7. Turning 10 is the definition of a real milestone! I hope this extraordinary time of your life brings you all the blessings in the world. Happy birthday to my sister
  8. .Today is a significant day in your life as it’s been ten years since you were born! At 10, you are almost a grownup, my dear. Keep making me proud! Happy tenth birthday.
  9. If anyone is destined to achieve greatness, it’s you, my dearest sister. My best wishes for your tenth birthday!
  10. I shall forever prioritize you and your happiness because you are my world and paradise. Happy 10th anniversary!
  11. Enjoy your birthday with joy and happiness. Happy birthday to a very special 10-year-old!
  12. We wish that the coming years will give you more success and happiness. Enjoy the last part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-year-old!
  13. Happy 10th Birthday dear, I am so happy to see you growing up. I can’t believe I share this day with you. I wish you the very best sweetie.
  14. Happy 10th Birthday princess, may your hair grow longer, may your smile grow brighter and may all your wishes come true as you blow out those candles.
  15. Happy 10th birthday to this calm and pretty thing, young and gorgeous. May this age be the first of many decades you will witness in the land of the living. Enjoy your special birthday.

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10th birthday status for sister

10th birthday wishes status for sister

  1. You are a great addition to my life and I wish you all the best as you turn a new age; you are dear to me, happy 10th birthday dear. May this day make you happy.
  2. What an amazing sister you have become at this tender age, keep being yourself and you might end up being the next Mr. President. Heheheh. Happy 10th birthday.
  3. Turning ten means you have become Trustworthy, Effective, and Nobble in decision making. Keep growing and enjoy your lovely year, Happy 10th birthday.
  4. You have been a wonderful sister to me and have supported me through thick and thin. Wishing you all the best!
  5. I appreciate the positive changes you have brought into my life since you came into it. I love you, sis! Today is your day!
  6. Dear Sister, how time flies. I remember the days when we both laughed at being called twins because you were one year younger than me! and for this, I am eternally grateful. Happy birthday to you, my sister.
  7. You are one of the most amazing people I have known. You are loving, caring and always there for me. Today, I wish you a happy 10th birthday!
  8. May God continue to bless you with great health, wealth, and happiness! Happy birthday to my beloved sister!
  9. Can’t be more thankful to God for blessing me with such an awesome sister like you. You were always there for me, through thick and thin, happy birthday, my dear sister.
  10. Congratulations on reaching the first decade of your life! I cannot believe how tall and handsome you have become! Happy 10th birthday my sister.
  11. Happy 10th birthday my dear! Be ready because we are going out of town now to celebrate your big day! I know this is really what you want so I’m giving it to you because you truly deserve to be happy. We love you!
  12. Happy 10th birthday to my wonderful sister who has a very good track record when it comes to doing things that bring sunshine to my world.
  13. Hip hip hooray for little sis turning 10 years old today! (Throw it back to her first ride on a horse… we miss you, Trixie.
  14. Happy 10th birthday little sis! You’ve changed so much over the past decade, and you deserve every success you achieve. You’re getting more beautiful each day
  15. Happy 10th birthday to my little sister! I love you so much and can’t wait to see what you will do with your life! Lots of love.

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Happy 10th birthday wishes from sister

10th birthday wishes for sister from sister

  1. Kid sister, you’re 10 now! You’re growing up so fast, and becoming a big girl! I remember all of our childhood moments. When we first met, it was love at first sight! Thank you for being my sister, I love you very much.
  2. Today you are 10 years old. You have always been sweet and kind to me. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hello, my sister, this is your big brother, I want to wish you a happy 10th birthday. I hope for you many happy years and a great future. Happy Birthday and love from your brother.
  4. Happy 10th Birthday, little sis! You make me so proud every day and I love you more than you could imagine. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, so keep on being good to yourself and caring about others.
  5. When I asked you to be my sister, I didn’t know how much joy I would get out of it. I love you dearly and wish you all the best in life. Have an amazing day! Happy 10th birthday
  6. Happy 10th birthday! Congratulations, today is your first double-digit birthday. You are officially a teenager in training!
  7. You’re 10 today, so it’s time to think about your future! Just kidding! The only thing you should do now is have fun, fun, fun, and fun! Happy 10th birthday!
  8. May your 10th birthday be as wonderful as the seven wonders of the world. That’s pretty wonderful (like you’ve always been to us)!
  9. Happy 10th birthday! You’ve just finished your very first decade. This calls for a BIG celebration — because you’re officially a big kid now.
  10. Happy 10th birthday! Congrats on reaching the DOUBLE DIGITS. You will soon be a teenager, so we expect great things from you (and, gulp, maybe a few teenage pimples).
  11. Bravo, you are 10 and now a Big Girl! May you live long and be happy all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you, sister!
  12. May you enjoy a comfortable life and a happy life as you clock this age. May it be a wonderful year in your life. Have lots of fun my little sister.
  13. Congratulations on turning 10! You are really getting older now. It has been fun to watch you grow up these last 10 years.
  14. Your age is twice as many digits as it was when you were nine. You’ll have to wait 90 more years to add another digit to your age now that you are in the double digits.
  15. Today is very special because the most handsome kid has turned 10! Happy birthday, dear! You’re entering a new phase of life and I hope it will bring much more happiness to you. Enjoy every moment of the day!

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Whether you are a sister or brother, you can use these wishes and messages. You can send these messages via any social platform. It would be great if you use these wishes as your status on Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram. So celebrate the birthday of your sister like never before and strengthen your relationship with her.

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