60+ Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Aunt to Apologize

Did you forget to wish your aunt “Happy Birthday”? Rectify your mistake and apologize with belated birthday wishes which are available here with HD images. Mistakes happen and the main thing is to rectify them. You are not the first and last one who forgets to do so. If somehow you forget to say happy birthday auntie to your favorite aunt, then it’s time to with her belated happy birthday. Go through the belated bday messages and pick up the best one for your aunt. Have a look!

Belated birthday wishes for aunt

belated birthday wishes for aunt

  1. You are the best aunt ever and I am so lucky to have you. I am happy that you came into my life. I want to thank you for having a huge part in raising me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Belated happy birthday!
  2. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget the important people in your life. I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you know how much you are loved!
  3. Dear aunt, happy birthday, I hope you had a great day and got many wonderful presents. I’m sorry it’s so late but I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I’m thinking of you today. Hoping you have a fantastic year.
  4. Hope you had a happy birthday! You look wonderful and I love you. You are such a special part of my life. I am so happy you are in it!
  5. More than just an aunt, you are a friend. I love getting to spend time with you and reminisce about the past. Hope your birthday is the best! I can’t wait for our next family gathering!
  6. I am sorry I forgot about your birthday. I hope that you had a very good time anyway and that you’ve got an amazing year to come. Belated happy birthday dear, aunt!
  7. In fact, I didn’t forget your birthday, It’s just that you really deserve to celebrate your special moment more than once. Happy belated birthday, aunt!
  8. Although I am late for your special day, I want you to know how special you are. I hope you had an outstanding birthday and best wishes year-round.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday. I am so sorry that I forgot. Best wishes for the coming year.
  2. I could have come up with a thousand excuses, but I just decided to plead guilty. Tell me how you’d like to be compensated! Happy late birthday!
  3. It’s a late one but indeed not a fake one; from the deepest part of my heart, I really wish that your life will always be filled with joy, love, and happiness! Happy belated birthday!
  4. The biggest surprise is always last one. Not wishing you on time was totally intentional. I just wanted to give you a surprise. Happy belated birthday!
  5. Even though this greeting has come to you a bit late, but it is full of love, positivity and good wishes. Belated happy birthday!
  6. Though I’m late, I don’t want to miss any chance to wish you a Happy belated birthday my aunt.
  7. It took me some time to believe that you’re getting older. But then I thought you’re getting wiser too! Happy belated Birthday!

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Happy belated birthday messages

happy belated birthday messages for aunt

  1. Happy birthday! I’m late I know, but I hope you still enjoy this. Thank you for always looking out for me and taking care of me. You’re the best! Love you, aunt.
  2. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I have been so busy. I hope you have a great birthday! I wish your life is filled with love and happiness! Love
  3. It’s finally arrived! You are amazing and if I wasn’t your niece I would be so jealous. Hope you had a great birthday and I know everyone will enjoy the gift of a lifetime!
  4. Hope your birthday was great and that you enjoyed yourself! I know I love birthdays cause it means another year wiser and more mature. Have fun on your day off and I hope this week is a blast.
  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your party. The boys and I would have loved to have made the trip. Won’t you come and spend a day at the beach with us? We don’t get to see you nearly enough. Love you, auntie!
  6. I didn’t really forget your special day. I just wanted the happiness to last a little longer.
  7. There’s a very good reason why this birthday wish is late. I forgot. I’m sorry! Hope your day was terrific.
  8. I didn’t want to throw you off and actually send your card on time. This way, you know it’s from me! Hope you had a good one.

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  1. Happy belated birthday. I thought I would see you yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful day. God bless you all the time.
  2. Just wanted to say, Happy belated birthday auntie. Wishing you many more years to come. God bless you always.
  3. Happy belated birthday to be celebrated by my sweet aunt. The celebration is just an excuse to share laugh, joy, and happiness with some good souls. love you.
  4. Happy belated birthday to you. May God bless you with much more enjoy your day turn up or turn it out.
  5. As long as I’m here to save your back from dad, I don’t think being late on wishing you will ever be an issue. Happy belated birthday!
  6. Wishing you late is just a part of the surprise. Many more are yet to come. Happy belated birthday to my aunt!
  7. Birthdays come with fun and celebrations. Although I missed this year, I hope you had a great birthday. Belated Happy Birthday, auntie!
  8. I am really sorry about forgetting your special day, so please aunt, accepts my sincere apologies. I hope your birthday was stupendous.

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Say sorry with your wishes

belated sorry birthday msgs for aunt

  1. Sorry aunt, I am a little behind on celebrating your special day. Maybe the reason is you lice a fast life and my one is litter slower.
  2. I’m so sorry this is getting to you late, but please know I was thinking of you and wishing you everything wonderful.
  3. You’re such a good aunt with lots of wonderful gifts – lucky for me, one of them is forgiveness! Sorry I missed your big day.
  4. May God fill your life with unlimited happiness and joys and may all your dreams come true as soon as possible. I wish you a belated birthday my lovely, auntie!
  5. I feel really sad to have forgotten your birthday. But I want you to know you’re always the most special person to me and will be. Happy belated birthday, aunt!
  6. I wish you a wonderful belated birthday. May your life continue to be an inspiration for others.
  7. Late birthday wishes do not ruin the fun, but they make the occasion last a little longer. Happy belated birthday to my aunt forever!
  8. Happy belated birthday to my aunt who is so caring, and loyal. Thanks for forgiving me every time I wished you were late.
  9. I feel really sad to have forgotten this special day. But I want you to know you are always the most special person to me. Happy belated birthday my aunt.
  10. I am late in saying Happy birthday to you and maybe even the last to say it this year. So is it true that you should save the best for last?

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  1. Having someone like you as aunt is a blessing. Thanks for being so understanding and forgiving. Happy belated birthday!
  2. My sincere apologies for being late. Nevertheless, belated happy birthday to you, pretty lady. I hope you had a blessed day.
  3. Aunt, I’ll be the first to wish you next year. But for now, belated happy birthday.
  4. Happy belated birthday beautiful lady. I hope it was a great one!!! Miss you.
  5. Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite women. Thank you for always being there for me you never missed out on any of my birthdays I hope you live to see many more.

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Funny late birthday wishes for aunt

funny late birthday wishes for aunt

  1. I purposely didn’t wish you your birthday yesterday because I do not want to see you sad the next day. Well, late happy birthday!
  2. Wishing you a late happy birthday! I made you wait only to check your patience and literally you proved yourself that you are a patient person.
  3. Happy Belated Birthday to the one and only my favorite aunt. Here’s to many more years of togetherness.
  4. I’d have messaged this sooner, yet… I didn’t. Expectation your birthday was superb.
  5. Happy belated birthday and I! We were so busy sending to school we forgot to post on your wall. Lol Happy Birthday!
  6. Late to class, late to work… a few things never show signs of change. Happy late birthday.
  7. My life is a little insane of late, yet considering you clear things up. I trust you had a great birthday.
  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Sending lots of extra love your way to help you turn that frown upside down.
  9. I know I missed your birthday and I’m really sorry. By chance is there any cake left?? Happy belated birthday aunt.
  10. In a comic turn of events, I seem to have forgotten your BIG day! Belated happy birthday!

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  1. Missing your big day is no laughing matter… even if you’re a clown. Happy Belated Birthday!
  2. What’s that old saying? It’s never better than late to wish someone a happy birthday. Hope you had the best birthday ever!
  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. How weird is that? That only happens to me like once per year. Happy Birthday aunt.
  4. I thought I would leave you a while to come to terms with your age before sending your birthday card this year. You’re welcome. Happy belated birthday, aunt!
  5. I forgot your birthday. So what? There’s always a next time, next year. ‘Til then, belated happy birthday.
  6. Hope you had a great birthday. I missed eating your cake on your birthday, so I plan to eat at least two desserts today to make up for it.

Belated birthday wishes with images

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