55+ Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend With Images

If somehow, you forgot to wish your friend a happy birthday, then it’s time to wish him/her a belated happy birthday. Forgetting the birthday of your friend is not a big deal, but you must feel sorry for not remembering your best friend’s special day. So make your friend feel that you feel very sorry for not wishing him on his/her birthday. You can use some late birthday wishes to apologize to your friend. Here are the wishes and messages that you can use to say such words.

Belated birthday wishes for best friend

belated birthday wishes for friend

  1. I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I remembered that I forgot! I’m so sorry! Sending my best belated happy birthday wishes to you!
  2. Even though this is late, it’s never too late to wish you the best in everything. I hope you have a brilliant year ahead!
  3. Sending you the happiest of (late) birthday wishes. I’m so sorry I missed your special day! May the coming year be full of many blessings.
  4. I promise this card isn’t late. It is intentionally arriving after your birthday because I think you deserve a whole birth month. Happy Birth-month!
  5. I’m so sorry for sending you belated birthday wishes. Honestly, I didn’t think you would live this long. Happy Birthday!
  6. Friendship starts with F but do you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday.
  7. You are lucky that I forgot your birthday because now you will get two gifts. One for your birthday and one to make you feel better. Happy belated bday.
  8. Don’t worry, forgetting your birthday is not a sign of a weakening friendship. It is just a sign of my weakening memory. Happy belated birthday.

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  1. Birthdays come only once every year, but our friendship is forever. This is not an excuse for being forgetful, but to remind you how our friendship makes life so beautiful. Happy belated bday.
  2. Please forget that I forgot your birthday. I will be able to forgive myself only if you forgive me by forgetting that I forgot your birthday.
  3. Oh dear, I did it again. Your birthday passed and I missed it, my friend! Happy belated birthday!
  4. I hope that your birthday was as wonderful and special as you are. Sorry for my late birthday wishes!
  5. I wish I could rewind the clock just to get back to the right time to say happy birthday. Please forgive me! I hope you had a great day.
  6. Every so often, I happen to forget the most important of occasions. And this is one such day. I apologize for my tardiness. Happy belated birthday, friend!
  7. Can you believe you celebrated the big 4-0 already? 40 is the new 20, so let’s make this year a wild one! Happy belated birthday to my best friend in the entire world!

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Late birthday messages for friend

late birthday messages for friend

  1. Wishing you a belated happy birthday, pal! Sorry I missed the big day but thought I’d extend your birthday a little longer.
  2. It’s never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you a happy birthday. May your life be full of peace, joy, happiness, and success. Happy belated birthday friend.
  3. I didn’t forget your birthday, I just wanted to prolong the celebration! Happy happy birthday buddy!
  4. Sorry, this card is a bit late. I remembered your birthday, just not the date! Happy belated bday my friend!
  5. It’s not that I forgot your birthday, it’s just that I simply don’t believe you ever age. Hope you had a wonderful special day!
  6. Friends wish together, best friends wish alone. Now that the whole world has already wished you, it is my turn. Happy belated birthday, dumbo. Stay happy, stay smiling.
  7. Your birthday greetings from me may be late but they will never be insincere. Hope it was the best birthday of them all!
  8. Remember when Cher wanted to turn back time? Well so do I because I missed your birthday! At least I’m saying it now! Hope you had a great birthday!

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  1. The great thing about being friends is the ability to be honest with one another about anything and everything. I would honestly like to wish you the best belated birthday ever.
  2. Oh no, I’m late with your birthday wishes again. Lucky for me, with age comes patience. Happy late birthday, my friend.
  3. I’m sorry that I missed your birthday. Please forgive me! I promise to make it up to you. Belated Happy Birthday to you my dear.
  4. I can’t believe that I forgot such a special day. Please don’t be mad at me because I already feel terrible about it. Belated Happy Birthday dear. I hope you had a terrific day!
  5. Once a wise person said, ‘It is better late than never.’ So please forgive me that I’m here. Belated happy bday. I wish you have a year that is more awesome than the previous year.
  6. Oops, I forgot your birthday, Please forgive me for this Next year I won’t really miss a Belated happy birthday!
  7. I hope that your birthday was as wonderful and special as you are. Sorry for my late birthday wishes!

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Happy belated birthday text SMS

happy belated birthday text sms

  1. HBBD! That stands for Happy Belated Birthday! Love, YTDF (Your Terribly Disorganized Friend).
  2. Sorry I missed your birthday! But you know me, always fashionably late. Belated happy birthday wishes to you!
  3. I didn’t really forget your birthday… I just wanted to help you prolong the celebrations! Happy belated birthday!
  4. You’re such a good friend with lots of wonderful gifts – lucky for me, one of them is forgiveness! Sorry I missed your big day.
  5. I thought I would leave you a while to come to terms with your age before sending your birthday card this year. You’re welcome. Happy belated bday!
  6. Nothing is impossible – this phrase has been proven right today because I never thought that I would forget my best friend’s birthday. I am sorry.
  7. I never forget anything that’s got to do with you. I don’t know how I forgot your birthday. Until you forgive me for my stupid mistake, I will keep pampering you in every way. Happy belated birthday.
  8. It is your fault that I forgot your birthday because you keep me so engrossed in the fun things that we do together every day.

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  1. I wait for you before doing anything important in my life. How come you didn’t tell me your birthday to wait for me? Happy belated birthday.
  2. Won’t you forgive a friend who makes your life a celebration every day but forgets to wish you once on your birthday?
  3. The guest-of-honor always arrives at the last. So here I am, wishing you a very happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.
  4. Sure, I could have been like everyone else and delivered your birthday wishes on time but that’s just so predictable. Hope your birthday was unexpectedly wonderful!
  5. I didn’t really forget your birthday… I just wanted to help you prolong the celebrations! Happy belated birthday!
  6. Even if I forget to wish you, a happy birthday on that very day, you will still be my best friend. Happy belated birthday!
  7. I wanted to be the last one to wish you a Happy Birthday to keep you excited for one more day. Wishing you a Happy belated birthday dear friend.

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Funny belated birthday wishes for friend

belated funny birthday wishes and messages

  1. I hope you did not feel bad about how I missed your birthday because I don’t feel guilty, either. Belated happy birthday, friend!
  2. I don’t mean to be cocky, but the kind of gift I’ve got for you leaves no room for you to complain about how I have missed you birthday. Enjoy!
  3. I spent days trying to write the perfect message for your birthday card, but I could not come up with anything creative in time. This is all I got—belated happy birthday!
  4. I got abducted by aliens, but I managed to run away when they were taking a nap. Belated happy birthday!
  5. I didn’t send you good wishes on your birthday because I did not want other people to be jealous of my gift.
  6. These days, a true friend is that who remembers a birthday in the days that follow and not on an actual day. Happy Late Birthday!
  7. I made you wait just to test your patience and you proved yourself that you are a patient guy. Happy late birthday!
  8. You’re probably upset that I forgot your birthday, but I know that you’ll let me buy you dinner to make up for it. Hope you enjoyed your special day!

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  1. This birthday message is coming to you late, so it seems like a good excuse to have another party! I’ll bring a gift, you bring the cake.
  2. OK, so this card is late Landing on your mat But I’m your number one best mate Who else can give a gift like that?
  3. I circled the date and everything, so I don’t even have an excuse for forgetting your birthday, this time! Happy birthday, buddy, I’ll try to get my happy birthday messages to you on time next year.
  4. Wishing you a happy late birthday and hoping that you can please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Is there any cake left? I know a good friend like you would remember to save me a piece.
  5. If you weren’t my friend, I’d ask you to please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. However, I’ll give you a noogie if you bring up the fact that I forgot. Happy belated birthday.
  6. Remembering your birthday would be a little easier if you looked older. Happy late birthday, to the baby boy of your family!
  7. Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” I say, “What’s in a date?” Happy birthday buddy, because a birthday on any other date smells just as sweet!

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