55+ Belated Birthday Wishes for Uncle (With Copy Button)

Feeling guilty for not wishing your unclehappy birthday“? Stop feeling like that and send him belated happy birthday wishes. Correct your mistake by sending the most loved and heart-touching belated birthday wishes to your uncle. He’ll definitely forgive you after all he’s your uncle. Today is the right time to rectify your mistake and these wishes will help you to express your apology to him. All you have to do is just go through the wishes below, select the one and click on the copy button to send.

Belated birthday wishes for uncle

belated birthday wishes for uncle

  1. Belated Happy birthday, so I hope you had an excellent moment. Except for the late desire however, I keep imagining that I’m on holiday and don’t have any duties. Perhaps I’ll take off tomorrow to celebrate!
  2. A Belated birthday card is much like an invoice from the physician. Both inform you that you’re getting older and are a major surprise.
  3. I am sorry I forgot the most important day of your life. It will not ever happen again, I promise.
  4. A belated happy bday to my favorite person in the entire world. In fact, however, I was once again only fashionably late for yet another large occasion
  5. Thank God because you brought my uncle into this world as no world will be missing a celebrity! You shine even more superbly each year.
  6. Whether it’s yesterday or two days ago, the point is it’s your birthday season and I’m celebrating you as much as I want to. Happy belated bday to you, may all of your efforts be crowned with success.
  7. You’ve had a great celebration this year even though I wasn’t there, I’m sure next year will be grand. Happy belated birthday to you my dearest uncle, you know I always love you.
  8. This is my surprise package for you; a belated happy birthday! I’m grateful for the gift of you forever. May the odds be in your favor.

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  1. It’s better late than never, that’s why I am sending you a belated happy birthday wish today. May every day be as your bday to you.
  2. I hope you’ll understand that you’re only growing older in age and not in looks. From me to you dearest uncle, happy belated birthday
  3. As long as the belated bday wishes keep pouring in, you can just keep partying! Sorry, I missed your big day, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday!
  4. I never forget anything that’s got to do with you. I don’t know how I forgot your bday. Until you forgive me for my stupid mistake, I will keep pampering you in every way. Happy belated birthday.
  5. I hope you had a day filled with laughter, fun, and frolic because a special person like you deserves the best on your birthday! Happy belated bday, uncle!
  6. I did not forget your Birthday, I just verbalized my wishes a little late. Belated Happy bday and wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
  7. Forgive me, for I am bad at remembering dates. It is silly of me to forget the bday of a special someone like you. Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday.
  8. Sorry, I forgot your Birthday. I hope you had a grand and special celebration with your loved ones and friends. Belated happy bday!

Happy late birthday wishes for uncle

happy late birthday wishes for uncle

  1. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Apparently very ‘lately’! Happy belated birthday uncle! Sorry I missed it! Will be sure to catch the next one. Wishing you all the best.
  2. Sorry for being late, sorry for missing the date. Good Luck with the cake you already ate.
  3. My belated wishes come to you with the most apologetic voice ever; hope you enjoyed your bday.
  4. It’s hard to make you wait for my message and then disappoint you, so I’m sending you this card. Belated happy birthday uncle!
  5. Even though my wishes are late, let me assure you, you were on my mind all the time.
  6. Sorry for sending your bday gifts via snail, I should have sent them via rabbit. Happy late birthday uncle.
  7. If only you would’ve been born a day or two later then this would not be a belated birthday wish!
  8. I spent your entire bday trying to come up with special birthday wishes for you, so much so that I ran out of time!

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  1. Sorry I am late! I promise to make it up to you and treat you like a star, for you deserve all the best in the world. Belated happy birthday.
  2. This is terribly late but I just want to wish you a happy bday and may all your dreams come true.
  3. Our household’s life couldn`t be really vibrant with no bliss and exciting stories. Best wishes on your special day. Happy late birthday dear uncle!
  4. It’s my pleasure to welcome you into another year, and even though it’s coming in late still, you’ll accept it because it’s from the bottom of my heart right? Belated happy bday to you uncle.
  5. You deserve to be celebrated always and not just on your birthday that’s why my wishes are belated but it doesn’t matter, don’t you think? Happy belated birthday to you uncle.
  6. Although it’s late, my wishes are definitely not fake. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy belated bday. You know you’re my favorite uncle forever.
  7. I wish to slap myself for missing your birthday. Nonetheless, my care, support, and blessings are always with you. Belated Happy bday.
  8. No excuses will ever be enough to forget the birthday of someone as special as you. I’m really sorry. Belated Happy Birthday, dear. Please forgive me.

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Short belated birthday wishes for uncle

short belated birthday wishes for uncle

  1. Going to study is easier than facing you after missing your birthday. Accept my apologies.
  2. My wish for you yesterday is the same as today’s, so be happy, and keep putting a smile on our faces.
  3. I’m happy for you adding another year, and so sorry I couldn’t be there. Hope it was awesome.
  4. I’m thinking of throwing a new party for you, but will that make you excuse me for being late?
  5. I suppose it was a hypnotic effect, so I slept all day. My deepest wishes.
  6. Happy belated birthday to one who can’t help standing out like a rose among the thorns! You are beautiful inside and out.
  7. We all know that bdays are special, but a person like you is special every day. Wishing you an awesome belated Birthday.
  8. Another year passed before I could buy a birthday card for you. That’s why I’m late to wish you a happy bday.
  9. I will throw you a second party since I missed the first one. You are important to me. Happy belated birthday.

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  1. I will not find an excuse to explain what happened because none is good enough. I am so sorry I forgot about your big day.
  2. The day of your birthday may have gone by, but the happiness that you are in this world will always stay. Belated happy bday to you. May you be blessed with a year filled with abundant blessings.
  3. Birthdays are special days but you are special every day. Happy belated birthday my uncle. I hope that your bday was a wonderful one!
  4. Sorry I missed your birthday. How weird is that? That only happens to me like once per year. Happy bday to you.
  5. Here’s the message I should have sent: I hope your birthday was wonderful. Wonderful is exactly what you deserve.
  6. Sorry I am late in wishing you a happy bday. Lately, I have been living more on a lunar calendar than the solar one. Belated happy bday!
  7. I didn’t really forget your special day, I just figured you deserved more than one. Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday uncle messages

happy belated birthday uncle messages

  1. Happy belated birthday! I give you hugs and kisses from across the miles. And I hope you had a great celebration on your special day.
  2. Sorry I missed your bday. Please forgive me is all I can say. I will make it up to you I swear, I just want to let you know that I truly care.
  3. Forgive me if my wishes are late, and I missed out on your birthday cake. Please forgive me is all I can say, forever by your side I will stay.
  4. You deserve all the best in life. Happy belated birthday uncle!
  5. Heartiest sorry for missing your bday. You are a great uncle and thank you for everything that you do.
  6. I didn’t miss your birthday; I just didn’t click “send” after typing the message.
  7. How did I forget the bday of a dear uncle like you? With much love, and in need of your forgiveness.
  8. My post on your Facebook timeline was supposed to be exceptional, and it takes time for exceptional things to happen. Happy Belated Birthday, my uncle!
  9. Happy belated bday to a really special person in my life. I have not made it on time, but know that you are always in my heart. I hope your year ahead will be abundantly blessed.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to a gentle old soul. I wish you peace, love, and joy on the journey ahead.
  2. Happy belated bday. Thank you for being an inspiration to all who know you. May you be abundantly successful and happy in the coming year.
  3. Happy belated birthday. It has been a remarkable year, and I know that you have achieved great things. This is your time to shine! Here’s to another year of creating success!
  4. Happy belated bday wishes to you, my uncle. I’m sorry I’m late, but I wish you all the best for a meaningful and happy year ahead.
  5. Happy belated birthday to a wonderful soul. In this coming year, I hope your energy will be peaceful, calm, and relaxed, and that you will achieve all you need with effortless action!
  6. Happy belated bday. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday, but I want you to know I appreciate and love you. Stay as wonderful as you are!
  7. Happy belated bday wishes for a really happy and peaceful year ahead. I hope this year brings you a much-deserved break from all the stress.

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