Birthday Status Updates for Employee to Use on Facebook, Whatsapp, Insta, etc.

Your employees are the backbone of your organization. How you run your company depends on how you treat year employees. You need to take a very good care of your employees because Business runs on relation and realization. It can be done in many ways like you can wish them “Very Happy Birthday“. Their bday is quite a good day to make a special bond with them. Your simple birthday status update on any of the social network will make their day as it means a lot when someone updates their status with birthday wishes especially when it is your employee’s birthday. So grab the best bday greetings from here and use them on your social profile.

Facebook Birthday Status for Employee

Although birthday wishes for employee are already available but this page features status updates. If you run a Business, you probably have an account on Facebook and hope your employee too. Today, Facebook also lets you to update your status just like other social network. So use your profile to wish them Happy Bday.

facebook birthday status for employee

  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful person who means so much to our organization!
  2. Have a bday full of fun, cake and joy! Wishing you happiness and success every day!
  3. On behalf of the entire firm, I wish you a very happy bday and best wishes for a long and happy life.
  4. I appreciate all of your efforts throughout the past year. Happy Birthday, and here’s to a fantastic year ahead!
  5. It’s unlikely to find a good employee who is also a friend! You’re an exceptional employee, and we have nothing but respect and admiration for who you are. Happy Birthday.

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  1. We feel extremely thankful to have an employee like you who fits in so well with our company culture. We appreciate all your hard work and wish you all the best. Happiest of bdays!
  2. Over the time you’ve been working for us, it’s evident that you are a pillar of this company. Your resourcefulness and creativity are invaluable qualities. Keep it up! Happy Birthday our good employee.
  3. We want to wish you a very happy bday! Today’s the day to celebrate what a great person and employee you are. All the best to you!
  4. May this bday be the start of a year filled with good luck, good health, and great vitality. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  5. Your exceptional work ethic frequently humbles us. If you keep working this hard, you will always be successful in whatever you do. Happy birthday!

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Whatsapp Happy Birthday Status for Office Staff

Whatsapp is again one of the most used message applications. Well, it is not just a messaging application, a user can do a lot with it. Like updating status, updating profile picture, record voice, etc. Scan the given below collection to pick up the bday lines for your employee. If somehow you forget to wish, use belated birthday wishes crafted for employee to wish him/her.

whatsapp birthday status for office staff

  1. Your exceptional work ethic frequently humbles us. If you keep working this hard, you will always be successful in whatever you do. Happy Birthday!
  2. Thanks for being such an excellent professional. We’re proud you’re a part of our team! May this new year of your life be even more fulfilling and successful than the ones before!
  3. Thank you for blessing us with your presence and being such a wonderful companion every day of our working lives! All the best to you and your family!
  4. Happy birthday to the beloved member of our team! Having you around has been nothing but a true joy! So, may your life be abundant with warm and delightful people just like you!
  5. Thanks for helping us excel and do our best! We couldn’t have asked for a better leader than you. Happy bday!
  6. All the excellence of our team is owed to you! Have a memorable and truly delightful birthday!

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  1. I and the whole team are always awestruck by your work and the efforts you put in, today is your day! We all wish you a very happy bday!
  2. On behalf of the entire company, I wish you a very happy birthday and send you my best wishes for much happiness in your life.
  3. From all of us here at the company, we wish you a happy bday and a wonderful, prosperous year ahead!
  4. A truly worthwhile creative idea is challenging to come up with, but you always make this task look effortless. May your imagination and talents keep on thriving and enriching this world!
  5. Happy birthday, (Name of Employee)! Your creative power and talent have no rivals! May they expand to even greater heights this new year of your life!

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Instagram Birthday Captions for Employee

If you are not active often on Facebook and Whatsapp and quite active on Instagram, then it’s time to update your Insta the wish bday blessings to your employee. Check out some cool bday statuses below and select the one for your employee.

instagram birthday captions for employee

  1. Many happy returns to a truly spectacular employee of ours! We’re lucky to have you and hope that you feel valued every day, not just on your birthday!
  2. Your dedication and enthusiasm are enchanting, and we can’t imagine what we would do around here without you!
  3. I hope that your special day is as enjoyable as it can be, and that you have a wonderful time celebrating with your dear family and friends!
  4. We want to wish you a very happy bday! Today’s the day to celebrate what a great person and employee you are. All the best to you!
  5. May God bless you with the golden rays of the sun on your life, fulfilling it with your every desired wish! Happy Birthday!
  6. We have watched you go from a new hire to that hard-working employee to a valued member of our team and family. We wish you nothing but prosperity. Happy bday to you!

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  1. Happy birthday to the most punctual employee this company has ever had. We want to let you know that you are very dear to us and we wish you a fantastic bday celebration.
  2. Best wishes on your birthday! You are a valuable employee and deserve nothing but the best. Your creativity and friendliness didn’t pass unnoticed. We really enjoy having you here and hope you have a wonderful day today. Happy bday!
  3. You are one of my best employees, And I hope you will be, Today is a day worth celebrating, So lets celebrate it!
  4. May your career keep developing faster than your birthday comes. I see a great leader in you and keep this in mind. Hope one day it will be true. Happy bday!
  5. Success is one of your main characteristics and inseparable things. So, I wish you to be even more successful in the following year and to try something new. I know, it will work perfectly. Happy birthday, our lucky one!

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Birthday Wishes Pics for Employee

birthday images status for employee birthday status for best employee pics birthday status for most punctual employee happy birthday status pics for employee

These birthday status updates for your employee are strong enough to put a smile on his/her face. You can use them as a message also. The pictures available on this page are free to use. Just save them and send to birthday boy/girl.

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