60+ Best Birthday Wishes for Colleague, Office Staff with Images

Get ready to celebrate the birthday of your colleague but first wish him/her a very happy bday. To do this, you can use the bday wishes for colleague or office staff that will make your bond stronger than ever before. In this article, you are going to collect some cool and heart-touching birthday messages that you can send to anyone who is working with you. There are some images also which can be used while wishing a happy bday. You can send these messages to your office friend, staff, or anyone.

Happy birthday wishes for colleague

It’s very important to make a good relationship with your colleague because he/she is going to support and help you whenever you need it. A good organization runs by good colleagues. Celebrating his/her bday will help in making a great environment at the office.

happy birthday wishes for colleague

  1. Your birthday is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude for all the things I’ve learned from you. I wish you a very happy bday, full of love and joy!
  2. Happy bday to my favorite co-worker. It has been a great journey with you and there is a long way to go. May this bday give you happiness and prosperity in your life.
  3. Happy birthday to you. I hope this day comes with all the prosperity and happiness in your life. You are such a helpful senior colleague. Thanks for teaching me everything so beautifully.
  4. Management books can never teach you real teamwork. Only efficient colleagues like you can. Cheers to you on your bday.
  5. It’s a wonderful experience to be working with you at the same workplace. You are not only a good co-worker but also a great human being. Happy bday!
  6. My bday wish for you is that you wake up with the same zest for life every morning as you did when you were but a child, unaware of the anxieties of the world. Happy birthday, friend.
  7. Working in the same office with you an amazing person like you has been like riding a carousel made of candy and cake. Happy bday!

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birthday images for colleague with cake download

  1. Today, we celebrate the life of one of the most extraordinary people in this company. I’m so blessed to share an office with you.
  2. As the earth revolves around the sun, may angels also revolve around your life and light the path of your steps for years to come. Have a blissful birthday, dearest.
  3. Your love spreads over our lives like frosting over a piece of cake. Happy bday to the sweetest friend and workmate I have ever had.
  4. A workspace becomes happier and more comfortable with understanding and supportive colleagues, just like you! Happy bday.
  5. My professional life would be a tragedy if you were not my colleague. I’m grateful to you for so many reasons. Happy bday to the most amazing colleague in the world!
  6. You’re more than just a co-worker. You’re my friend, my mentor, and my role model. Happy birthday to you! Have a great day!
  7. Your bday is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude for all the things I’ve learned from you. I wish you a very happy bday full of love and joy!
  8. You’re the brightest and most colleagues I’ve ever worked with. Happy birthday to you on this special day! Make sure it’s the best bday celebration ever!

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Best birthday wishes for office friend

Are you still trying to find the best bday blessings for your office friend? Stop your search because here is what you need to wish your friend the best way. Just have a look at the wishes and copy the best one for your office friend.

birthday wishes for office friend

  1. Happy birthday to one of my most talented colleagues of mine. You are truly beautiful both inside and out. Your kindness amazes people. Hope you enjoy your bday and best wishes to you.
  2. You are among the most respected & followed employees in our company. I am truly honored to be able to work with you side by side. I wish you an amazing bday this year!
  3. When we’re scheduled together at work the day flies by because you actually make working fun! Have an awesome bday!
  4. We are glad that you’re a part of our team! Working with you is a great honor and joy! Wishing you the best of blessings and good luck on your bday!
  5. The real meaning of teamwork is not in management textbooks but in the teachings of mentors and colleagues like you. Happy bday and thanks for being my teacher.
  6. You’re an excellent companion to work with, and I wish you an extra special day. Happy birthday to a great coworker. Here’s to having the best bday!
  7. Every day, time just flies at work. That’s because of you. You strike the perfect balance between professionalism and fun! Happy birthday to my favorite coworker.

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download happy birthday pics for office friend

  1. Thank you for your leadership and advocacy in the workplace. We are thinking of you on this important day and wish you a very happy birthday.
  2. Thank you so much for always being there, not just like the best colleague but also as a best friend. Happy bday!
  3. People like you do not have to run after success. Success follows you wherever you go & whatever you do. There’s just so much to learn from you. Happy bday!
  4. Dear colleague, I hope your bday brings you many happy reasons to celebrate! Enjoy your special day.
  5. It is your birthday, and I hope we don’t set the workplace ablaze with the many candles on your bday cake. Have a wonderful bday!
  6. It’s a great pleasure working with a truly inspirational figure like you. Thanks for all the incredible support you give me and the team. Happy bday!
  7. Not many people are lucky enough to have a helpful and selfless leader like you. Thank you for all of the support each and every day. Happy bday!
  8. Your birthday is an excellent opportunity for me to let you know that you are treasured and appreciated. Happy bday!

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Funny birthday messages for colleague

A celebration is incomplete without laughter. Make your colleague’s bday more entertaining by wishing him/her in a funny way. You need some funny bday msgs and this section covers what you need.

funny birthday wishes for colleague

  1. Birthdays seem a hundred times more fun when you spend them with the right people. So don’t forget to invite me to your bday bash!
  2. Hey, Happy bday! I hope you have made enough space at your desk for the tons of greetings and flowers you are going to receive today!
  3. Happy bday, Perfection! You do everything with utmost perfection. Also, just so you know… Perfection is a myth!
  4. Happy Birthday to my classmate, travel partner, co-worker, counselor, 3 a.m friend, and whatnot! You have truly been my biggest support system since childhood!
  5. What a perfect day to have a bday! We have gotten our salaries today. Eagerly awaiting a fab celebration! Yay!
  6. Happy birthday to the one colleague whose bday cake won’t lure me into unnecessary bday wishes.
  7. When I started working here, I thought was overpaid and under-qualified. Meeting you made me stop doubting myself, and I thank you for that!

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funny birthday images with msgs for colleague

  1. In your own words “Very phew people have the talent to right in a way that really affects others”, so thank you for not being our secretary. Happy bday!
  2. I wish your salary will keep rising like your age so you never have to worry about wrinkles. But you still look much younger than your age. Happy birthday my dear colleague!
  3. I have a truth to confess. You are so boring in the workplace. Let this day be the only day when you are not working as a robot for the entire year. Happy bday, colleague!
  4. Today is a special day at work. I think they started serving sushi in the lunchroom. Just kidding! I know it’s your special day. Happy bday!
  5. Happy birthday! You deserve a carefree day. That’s why I’ve decided to do your work today. Tomorrow, of course, we’ll go back to usual — you know, you can do my work.
  6. Happy bday. Let’s leave all behind and do awkward things that we always do on the way home from the office. It makes me happy that I found one crazy person in my office.
  7. Happy Birthday! Hoping for the big posts to be vacant soon because you deserve that promotion!
  8. We have a bday challenge for you this time… Spend at least 50% of your salary on your bday treat today. I promise we won’t forget this celebration ever in our lives!

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Short birthday wishes for coworker

Do your coworker like to read short messages? Well, most people like to read short wishes. If your friend is also one of them, you should send short wishes. You can use the images also to wish him/her on bday.

short birthday wishes for coworker

  1. With warm wishes for a very happy birthday and sincere thanks for your hard work throughout the year.
  2. At least this time don’t offer us these quick street snacks… We want a full-fledged party! Also, Happy bday!
  3. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to my partner in crime! Here’s to many more working night-ins and partying night-outs!
  4. The best part about having a female colleague who is more of a friend is that I can be myself and never have to pretend. Happy birthday, friend.
  5. Happy bday to an awesome coworker! You make everyday fun, and I’m so lucky to work with someone as super cool as you.
  6. Nobody works harder or laughs louder than you. You’re simply an awesome coworker. Happy birthday!
  7. Hey there, coworker! No one could do as awesome a job as you. You’re utterly irreplaceable. Happy bday to a great coworker.

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birthday photos for colleague with flowers and cake

  1. Wishing my awesome coworker a very happy birthday. You bring a hundred percent each day, and you’re simply irreplaceable.
  2. How lucky are we that we got the coolest coworker in the entire world? You make every day awesome. Happy bday.
  3. You’re simply an amazing coworker. You do so much for others, and today you deserve to celebrate! Happy birthday my coworker.
  4. We all of your coworkers are wishing you the grand celebration of your bday!
  5. Wishing you and your family much delight on your bday. Have a remarkable day, dear colleague!
  6. We wish you a happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead that might bring incredible success and prosperity to you!
  7. If you want to stay safe in this office today from pickpockets, you must give us a treat. Happy bday, our hangdog colleague!
  8. I appreciate all of your excellent work for our company and your cooperative behavior with us; best wishes on your bday!
  9. You are one of my nearest coworkers, and I wish you a bright and successful career on your special day. Happy bday!

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Inspirational bday wishes for office staff

There is always someone in the office who inspires you to become better and better. You are very lucky if you have one at your workplace. If it is his/her birthday today, it’s a great time to tell how inspirational he/she is for you. Take help from the given below wishes.

inspirational birthday wishes for office staff

  1. May the stars light the path to all your hopes and desires. Fly, run, walk, crawl. Endure. If you want it, it will happen. Happy birthday!
  2. You have so much talent and grit that I know you can do anything. Conquer first the lake, then the sea, then the ocean. Dare to achieve great things! Happy bday!
  3. It’s time to celebrate a brand new year and a brand new you! This will be the year that big things happen for you. Remember: You’ve got this. Happy bday.
  4. Happy birthday! This will be the year that you accomplish even more fantastic things. I believe in you, and I am so proud of how far you’ve come. I can’t wait to watch you continue to ROCK!
  5. Nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams this year. You have more passion, motivation, and strength than anyone I know. HBD friend.
  6. You were born and with you endless possibilities, very few ever to be realized. It’s okay. Life was never about what you could do, but what you would do.
  7. A milestone bday usually means taking the time to consider your life, your goals, and what you have accomplished or not accomplished in your life up to this point.

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inspiring birthday images for colleague

  1. Today you have added another candle of knowledge and wisdom to your life. May it give you the power to enlighten the whole world. On your birthday, I wish you joy and happiness.
  2. Nature gives you the face you have at 20, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at 50.
  3. You end up plainly ten times the lady you were some time recently. I’m happy you develop at your age. More endowments and extraordinary open doors for you. Superb Bday!
  4. I don’t have anything to stress over as long as you are here close by. Give us a chance to gain more experiences together. Remain solid my affection! Happy bday to you!
  5. You are such delicate and kind to me. I am happy to praise you one more year for making the most of your affection and generosity.
  6. I am so happy to praise one more year with an extremely exceptional individual. You convey light to all the dull spots of my reality. I have a brighter viewpoint in light of your essence in my life.
  7. As you commend your birthday, realize that you have touched such a large number of lives with motivation. May you be motivated today also.
  8. Happy bday to my dear office friend! We have been in many enterprises together, and I know this is the beginning of an extraordinary year to come.

Happy Bday wishes from HR

An HR may be strict in nature but also seem noble some days. If you are an HR of your organization, you hold a great responsibility. Your employees will follow you only when they believe in you and belief comes with realization. Make them realize you are with him/her at every point.

birthday wishes for colleague from hr

  1. Happy birthday to a truly diligent employee! You are such a dedicated worker and I am so lucky to have you as part of my team!
  2. I hope that your special day is as enjoyable as it can be, and that you have a wonderful time celebrating with your dear family and friends!
  3. We’re so lucky to have an employee like you who is worth their weight in gold. From all of us here, we’re sending you our most sincere bday sentiments today.
  4. Sending all my best to a faultless employee and a superb person! Wishing you a very happy birthday today!
  5. Many congratulations on not only your bday today but also on being a standout employee. May you have many more spectacular years ahead of you.
  6. On your happy birthday, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and good luck. You may topple all the obstacles and smash all your goals in life.
  7. Sending warmest and the friskiest happy bday wishes to one of the oldest and most hard-working employees of this company. Savor birthday celebrations to the fullest.
  8. We appreciate your ridiculous amount of hard work and loyalty towards this organization. We are extremely proud of you. Happy bday and God bless you!
  9. On behalf of the entire team, sending you the warmest happy bday wishes. Moreover, I am also granting you a day off. Enjoy the day like crazy!
  10. It’s always an immense pleasure and honor as well to work with an enticing employee like you. The contribution made by you in the company’s growth is commendable. Happy birthday!
  11. Happy bday to the most generous and helpful employee of this company. No one can fill your space!

Birthday wishes for colleagues with images

birthday messages pics for coworker best bday wishes images for coworker happy birthday pics for office staff birthday wishes for colleague with images birthday wishes for colleague copy paste

I hope these birthday wishes would be enough to wish someone a very happy birthday at your office. You are allowed to use the images as many times as you want but don’t forget to share this article with others.

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