50+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad with Images

Get ready for the best ever happy birthday wishes for Dad that you can send on his special day. A Father Sacrifices himself to take care of his children. He works hard day and night to make his children educated, capable and successful people. The hand of a mother in raising a child is as much as that of a father. Last time, you collected birthday wishes for Mom and in this post, you will find happy bday messages for your father. Your one message can make your father’s bday memorable.

Best happy birthday wishes for dad

If you are looking for the birthday wishes, here is a collection of birthday messages for your father. In this article you have bday wishes to dad,  b’day wishes from daughter and son to father.

happy birthday wishes for dad

  1. I know I wasn’t always the perfect child, but you have always been the perfect dad. Thanks for fixing the little things I broke and for showing me how to correct my own mistakes as I grew. Enjoy your birthday today. I love you!
  2. U were the one who stood on my side even when you knew I was wrong and let me tell you just how much I appreciated that, happy bday!
  3. You helped make me who I am! Happy Birthday, Dad!
  4. Dad… like the shade of a tree, you’re my life’s canopy. Happy bay.
  5. Today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. Happy bday, dad.
  6. People rub lamps to find genies while I simply call out my dad’s name. Happy birthday, daddy.
  7. My wish for you dear dad is that we spend many more years together in a prosperous life, good health, and happiness, happy bday dad, I love U.

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  1. My dad, my guide, my dad, my encouragement, my dad, my everything, happy birthday precious dad. happy bday papa.
  2. U are the most caring and lovable father on the whole planet. Let me shower some affection and a lot…
  3. A father is chosen by God to teach and guide his children, and greater still, to love them with all his heart.
  4. I know I get my adventurous and humorous spirit from you. Being your kid has been the greatest gift you’ve given me.
  5. If every father in the world had been like you, every child would have been a happy one. Happy birthday, dearest Daddy.
  6. Love and laughter are two of the best things that you have given me, dad! Thanks, happy bday!
  7. Dad, you are my hero, my role model, the man who I look up, to and dream to become. Happy Bday, Dad!
  8. You are the best dad in the world and I mean it. Healthier years Dad. Happy bday.

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Bday wishes for father from son

birthday wishes for dad from son

  1. I’m the luckiest son in the world. Happy birthday, Dad!
  2. I wouldn’t be the amazing man I am today without your guidance and love. Happy birthday, Dad!
  3. Thank you for always being the best father you could be, Dad. When I am a father one day, I hope I can be as amazing as you are. Happy bday!
  4. Happy bday to the man who taught me how to play catch… and so many more things. I love you, Dad!
  5. I am truly blessed to have a supportive father like you.
  6. When I was born, you thought you were lucky. Turns out, I was the lucky one to have you as a dad! Happy b’day papa.
  7. It’s a good thing that U don’t get a trophy for each great accomplishment because you’d be out of space! Happy bday!

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  1. Happy Bday, Dad! You work too hard. Today’s your day to sit back, relax, and enjoy your birthday. Hope you’re not “two-tired” to celebrate!
  2. Happy bday. To my amazing dad, I hope this year’s celebration is the biggest and brightest one yet!
  3. Happy Bday. Before you blow out the candles, take a moment to remember what a wonderful father and friend you are!
  4. Happy bday To My Dad! Sending special birthday wishes your way to wish you a very happy day. I hope your celebration is filled with excitement and fun! Thank you for being such a terrific father, you’re the best!
  5. Daddy, I hope that U will feel great on this Bday of yours. May next year and the upcoming years of your life will be filled with more happiness, love, and peace. Happy bday to the best dad in the world.
  6. Happy birthday to a father who grows more awesome with each passing year!
  7. Safe in the strong anchor of the LORD shall you dwelling be and away from the wickedness of the enemy shall he keep you. Happy bday.
  8. To a strong, handsome, smart, funny, and all-around amazing dad, happy birthday!

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Wishes for daddy from daughter

birthday wishes for dad from daughter

  1. I’m so proud to be your daughter. You’ve always shown me what it meant to be a strong and amazing person, and I’ll always appreciate that. Happy birthday, Daddy!
  2. Thanks, Dad, for doing your best to raise me into the strong and proud woman you always knew I would be. Happy bday!
  3. I can’t remember the last time I gave you a nice hug. There’s no better day than today to hug you and start making up for all the missed opportunities. Happy bday, dear Dad.
  4. Nothing ever comes close to the warm and secure feeling I get when I think about you. I want to grow up and make you feel the same. Happy birthday, old man.
  5. You are priceless to everyone. For us at home, your colleagues at work, and your friends at the pub. Happy bday, Dad.
  6. I don’t know any other dad that cares as much as you do, and who would put in even half the amount of effort that you do!
  7. Wishing you a super amazing bday just like you, daddy!
  8. Happy birthday to the one man who has always been there for me. Your presence in my life means more to me than you’ll ever know, dad.

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  1. You’re a great man and a wonderful parent, and I’m just so lucky to have a father like you. I hope you know that I always have and always will be your little girl.
  2. Dear Dad, on your bday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, a friend, and a teacher to all of us, Happy Bday!
  3. All the sacrifices you have made for me and our family are unforgettable. Happy Birthday, Papa. Wish you health and happiness on your day.
  4. You are my real hero who has never stopped inspiring me to be a better human being. Thank you, my superman, I love you always and forever.
  5. Being a tough and stubborn child didn’t stop you from loving me continuously, it’s hard to imagine myself without your love. Happy Bday, Dad.
  6. I hope you know dad how blessed I feel to have you in my life. I am super proud to be your daughter. You have motivated me in every walk of life. May your bday fill up love joy and happiness in your life.
  7. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. So you had better watch out for what you do and say. Happy Birthday

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Heart touching birthday messages

heart touching birthday wishes for dad

  1. Do you know that you’re my hero? My wish for your birthday is that you know that. You’re everything that’s good in me and everything I strive to become.
  2. Today is about you, which is a bit hard for you to do. You’re so generous and giving but today is the day for you to enjoy living. Your selfless soul has made my life a pleasure; please know that I love you beyond any measure!
  3. The world is better because you’re in it. Have a fabulous bday today, with many more to come.
  4. Dad, my love for you is unconditional. I wish you joy, love, and many happy bday returns.
  5. You were the one who stood on my side even when you knew I was wrong. Thank you for always being there for me!
  6. Thank you, dad, for guiding me on how to deal with real-life problems with a smile on my face. I love you! And happy birthday!
  7. Happy bday to the man who has had a huge impact on my past and continues to impact my future! Dad, may God bless you!

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  1. You are an inspiration, you make days brighter. Thank you for always staying by my side. I love you so much. Happy bday!
  2. With your elbow grease and worn-out boots, you never failed to put us first. Happy Birthday to the best father in the world! Step aside and let us do some of the work today.
  3. Happy bday, Dad! You’ve given me so many great gifts in life, particularly these excellent genetics. Here’s a little something I found for you.
  4. Dad, you may be growing another year older, but remember that you are only as old as you feel. Today’s your special day, so party it up like you’re 21!
  5. Dear Dad, On your bday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, friend, and teacher to all of us. Thank you for giving the kind of love that makes all the difference.
  6. When people say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ I tell them that’s the best compliment I could ever get. Someday, I hope to grow as strong and wise as you. I hope your birthday is filled with happiness!
  7. Hey father, I may not be the finest kid you have asked but I will prove to you that I am the right person to carry forward the legacy of this legendary family. Accept my heartfelt bday wishes father!
  8. Happy bday my super awesome daddy! Daddy, you are the one who has given me the perfect formula for a happy life. A cute god, a submissive girlfriend, and loads of money.

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Short messages to dad

short birthday wishes for dad

  1. Thank you for always having my back even when I couldn’t keep my faith in myself. You are the best dad I could have asked for. Happy returns of the day.
  2. You are an inspiration, you make days brighter and night warmer. Thank you for always staying by my side. I love you so much.
  3. I don’t usually say how much I love you and how much you mean to me. But today I want to say that I love you. Happy birthday, Dad!
  4. I am lucky that I love my father with all of my heart. I am really lucky to have a father that loves me with all of his heart. Happy Bday.
  5. I am lucky that I was given the best father in the world, a father who truly loves me with all of his heart. Happy Birthday, dad!
  6. You made my future brighter than a billion lights, and I can never thank you enough for that. Happy bday.”
  7. When I see you smile, the whole world lights up. Thanks for being so great. Happiest bday dad.

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  1. Dad. You have such a free and cheerful spirit. I hope your bday is as filled with cheer as you are!
  2. With the joy I see on your face today; I want to celebrate every day as your birthday. Happy bday, daddy.
  3. Today, I celebrate you, dad. Thank you for being such an incredibly fun and loving father. I am so proud to be your child. Happy bday.
  4. Dear dad, you have truly been the best example to follow. I wish you a happy bday Dad!
  5. I built my personality based on you and my life is just like yours. You were always the best example to follow and I’m so proud of you Dad!
  6. Father, you are definitely the dream of every kid and I feel lucky to say that you are mine. I wish you a happy birthday.
  7. Dad, you are always the shelter of my life, just like the shade of a tree. I would love to wish you a special and happy bday.
  8. You are not a classic Dad to me, you are something I cannot describe with words, you are my everything! Happy bday my sweet Dad!

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Role model wishes for daddy

birthday wishes for dad

  1. Thanks, Dad, for being my role model, my go-to guy, and our family’s rock. You’re a real-life superhero and you deserve an awesome day.
  2. The older I get, the more I realize how much work, effort, and love goes into being a great dad. And I appreciate you more than ever.
  3. I got my adventurous spirit and love for life from you, Dad! Thanks for teaching me that no matter how old you get, you can still be a kid at heart.
  4. I would have gotten you something amazing for your birthday, but you’ve always taught me to save my money. See, Dad — I listened! That’s a gift in itself, right?
  5. Happy Birthday to the hardest working guy in the Dad Business! You deserve a well-earned break. Relax and enjoy.
  6. You are a role model to me, you make days brighter and night warmer. Thank you for always staying by my side. I love you so much.
  7. I am impressed that even though the number of candles on your cake increased, your sense of humor didn’t lose its touch. Happy bday, daddy.

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  1. From barbecues to fishing, to sports, and to computers there is literally nothing you can’t do! You’re like a super dad! And that is why I admire you! Happy birthday!
  2. No matter how old you become, you will still be my best friend dad, after all, with whom am I going to watch the game on Sunday night if it’s not with my beloved dad? Happy birthday!
  3. I feel stronger just knowing that my dad believes in me, and I feel blessed knowing that he loves me more than anything else in the whole world. Happy bday, dad.
  4. You are my best friend, my role model, and more than just a dad. The fact that every kid does not have a father like you, makes me feel sad. Happy birthday.
  5. I feel truly lucky to have such a loving, caring, and encouraging father. Wishing you an entirely peaceful day, full of pleasant and joyful moments!
  6. You have been there for me since the day I was born; I want you to be there for me till my last breath! I love you my role model, daddy, thanks for always believing in me.
  7. You have always been the most supportive and friendly dad in the world. Happy birthday to you. You are truly one of a kind!
  8. You mean everything to me. Without you, I could never be the person I am today. You are a real role model! Happy bday!

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Birthday wishes images for dad

inspirational bday wishes for father birthday wishes for dad birthday wishes for dad birthday wishes for dad birthday wishes for dad

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