60+ Cool Happy Birthday Wishes for Father in Law (With Copy Button)

Father-in-law is the one who always wants to see you happy as this is why he gifted his daughter to you. He doesn’t ask for anything but happiness for both of you. But now, it’s time to make your dad-in-law happy, especially on his birthday. So you must do something that makes him happy. First, you send him cool bday wishes. Earlier, I provided you birthday wishes for dad but this collection is different from that one. A greeting right from the bottom of your heart will do wonders for you. So go through these happy bday wishes which are crafted for your father-in-law.

Birthday wishes for father in law

Sometimes, it is difficult to express feelings and if it does happen to you, use texting. You can send your wishes to your father-in-law via text. Just copy any of the wishes below and send them to him. Use the copy button for instant copying.

birthday wishes for father in law

  1. Since today is your special day, your wish is my command. This is just once a year opportunity so wish for the best.
  2. You are a great father and an even better father-in-law to me, and I hope you live longer than all of us so you can spread your wisdom and love throughout.
  3. Have a great birthday father in law, you are a wise old man, and I am glad to get to see you grow older, smarter, and healthier.
  4. As your son-in-law, there is something I want you to give me an inheritance – your wisdom, your patience, and your understanding.
  5. You’ve always been treating me like your son, and I feel so grateful for that. Happy bday, dear dad-in-law.
  6. You are the best father-in-law anyone could ever ask for and, on your special day, I just want you to know how very grateful I am for you from the bottom of my heart.
  7. Happy birthday to a great man who took me under his wing as his own: my dear father-in-law. I’ll be forever grateful to you.
  8. I don’t think of you as a father-in-law, as you treat me like a father would. I’m so blessed to have two fathers. Have a great day, dad number two!
  9. Thank you for the love and care you have given me over the years. You’re the best father-in-law. I wish you nothing but joy on this special day!
  10. I am lucky to have you in my life. You are the most incredible father-in-law anyone can have in their life. Wish you the happiest birthday!

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  1. All those efforts you have put in your life are appreciated. Your daughter is my life and thanks you for raising such a wonderful girl. You are my great father-in-law. HBD!
  2. To find a friend in your father-in-law is rare, and I feel lucky to found that. Wish you a birthday full of delicious food and wonderful surprises!
  3. Dear father-in-law, you are such a loving person that I really feel stupid to think of you as a stubborn man by your first impression. Have a great day, Enjoy! Happy bday!
  4. You are my role model and a father figure to me. Wish you the happiest birthday, dear father-in-law. Have a fun weekend.
  5. To my father-in-law, I am blessed to be part of this family. Wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday dear father-in-law.
  6. They say that fathers-in-law are of different kinds. There’s one that’s like the scary fathers-in-law and the other one, those who act like real fathers. You are part of the latter. HBD, just father!
  7. Today is the most beautiful day of the year because it is your Big Day. May every blessed day that is gifted to you be as beautiful as this special day. Stay blessed forever.
  8. Since today is your birthday I will make all your favorite dishes and also follow your commands. Wish you all the best. Happy bday, father-in-law.
  9. Birds are to the skies, as fish are to the sea. But great fathers-in-law will live through their legacy long after they are gone! Happy birthday.
  10. Dear father-in-law, you have the most authentic soul I have genuinely felt! You are talented, smart, and kind. I am glad that my kids will grow up with a grandpa like you. HBD to you!

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Happy birthday father in law messages

He is the one who will always support you and give the best advice. I’m sure your father might be using Facebook or Whatsapp or Insta. Send him your wishes on any of these social networks and put a smile on his face. Check out some birthday messages for him below.

happy birthday father in law messages

  1. You are a beautiful Soul, kind-hearted, and disciplined father. You are a Hero and a model for our kids. Happy Bday, Father-in-law.
  2. Dear dad, you are exactly how I wish to be when I reach your age – dignified, respected, and successful. Happy birthday to my father-law who is an inspiration to us all.
  3. Thanks for being such a wonderful dad-in-law. I wish you an awesome bday with lots of nice surprises.
  4. Dear Dad, Happy Birthday from your favorite (Son/Daughter) in Law! I hope your day is as unique as you are. Have an excellent life ahead.
  5. We’ve always wanted the best for our daughter and guess what? You are the best. Happy bday to an amazing father-in-law.
  6. Thank you very much for being supportive all this time. I loved sharing my dreams and crazy ideas with you. May this birthday be wonderful!
  7. Thank you very much for being with me all this time and loving me. You never gave up on me. HBD my beloved Father.
  8. Dear father-in-law, I believe in you just like you always believe in me. You have been an amazing father. Happy Birthday to you!
  9. A father is like that rain, that when it comes, it wipes off all the summer heat and takes you near a beach where you can feel the splashes of water coming on your face. Happy bday dad for being always there for me!
  10. You are hopeful. You are an optimistic river of hope that whoever gets in touch with you; becomes worried and tension free. May you keep this river flowing. Wish you a happy birthday dad and love and a warm hug to you!

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  1. I feel very lucky to have come into the house which is nothing but simply amazing. HBD, my dear father-in-law. You have made this house a home for all of us.
  2. Happy birthday, father-in-law. I wish you a great year and life ahead and remember you have your daughter-in-law right beside you when you need me. I am always ready to help you and support you.
  3. I am glad I became your daughter by marrying your son. Otherwise, I would have never got such an amazing father-in-law like you. Happy bday, father. May you live long and happily!
  4. Dear father-in-law, I know how much you love your precious daughter. Today, on your birthday, I would like to promise that I will always keep your daughter happy and safe just like you have kept me over the years.
  5. A very happy bday to the most amazing person in my life- my father-in-law. May God fill your pockets with blessings and your heart with love. May you live long and happily.
  6. May God deliver you from the evil hands of your enemies and make your house overflow with treasures of joy and peace. Happy birthday, my beloved father-in-law.
  7. You are my role model and a father figure to me. Wish you the happiest bday, dear father-in-law. Have a fun weekend.
  8. The bond between you and me will never break and it’s something I’ll always cherish. Happy B’day, dearest father-in-law.
  9. You are more than a father-in-law to me, and you are my role model, my teacher, and my inspiration. Thank you for giving me all the things and every precious moment of your life.
  10. I met my second father the day I got married, and he was my Father-in-law! He has brought strength into my life by giving me the place of a son in his own family.

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Funny birthday wishes for dad in law

It’s time to add some laughter because, without it, the celebration doesn’t finish. A happy dad lives longer and makes everyone even happier. So why don’t you use such wishes for him? Go through this funny section and pick the best lines for your father-in-law.

funny birthday wishes for father in law

  1. Congratulations on another year of life and another year of getting more gray hair! I hope your bday is the best one yet!
  2. Make sure to set some extra pillows out on the couch – just in case I need to sleep over. This is your day. Happy Birthday, dad in law.
  3. Happy bday! I was going to get you a gift, but I remembered I did take your son off your hands – isn’t that enough of a gift?
  4. I don’t always message my in-laws. But when I do, it’s usually to let them know they’re old! Happy birthday daddy in law!
  5. It’s been said that marriage is like buying a house. If so, then in-laws are the mortgage payments! HBD!
  6. Happy birthday to one of the only other people that know how hard it is to live with their son!
  7. Happy bday! I was going to get you a gift, but I remembered I gave you grandchildren. Really, isn’t that enough?
  8. If God were to ask me to choose between you and a billion dollars, I would choose you in a heartbeat. And this is coming from someone who loves chasing paper more than anything in this world. Happy birthday!
  9. HBD, Father-in-law. May you live to be so old that people mistake you for an alien.
  10. Happy birthday, Father-in-law! No offense, but I think it’s high time you checked yourself into rehab for addiction to aging.

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  1. Happy bday wishes to the best Father-in-law I could’ve ever wished for!! I can’t say I would be standing as tall and happy if it weren’t for you. And this cake is as sweet as your heart. Happy Birthday dear father-in-law!
  2. HBD father law! It is the best day of your life, so enjoy it while you can. I just want to wish you a happy birthday! You are the most important man in my life, after all.
  3. You are not just my father-in-law but also part of my family. Thanks for all the unconditional love you have shown to me, words cannot express it. All I can do is wish you an extraordinary day and a lifetime of happiness!
  4. Happy bday! A day never passes by without a new memory of us spending together making life worth living. Thanks for everything, my old friend.
  5. Friend, your advice has helped me make a lot of good decisions in my life. Thanks for the kindness and love you have always extended to me. I am so glad to have a wonderful father-in-law like you! On your birthday, wish you all the best.
  6. Happy bday to my funny father-in-law! When it comes to bad dad jokes, You truly are the best!
  7. My hero, my idol, my mentor, and a friend. To me, you’re all this and more, dad. Any son would be lucky to have a father like you. Happy birthday.
  8. Congratulations dad for another year of life! Now, tell me the story of 200 years ago. Just kidding! But don’t forget to tell me the story next year.
  9. You’ve entered into a new age, at least now grow up dad! if you think I’m lying, ask mom. Btw, I was joking. Wish you a very wonderful bday!
  10. At this age, I know it’s normal to forget many things but dad, don’t you dare forget me! Kidding! Happy Birthday! I hope your memory never gets erased!
  11. I know, the best gift for you is seeing my smiling face and that’s why on your bday I bought a dress for myself and have come to wish you with an empty hand. Happy birthday, dad in law!

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Facebook, Whatsapp Status Updates

  1. Thank you for all your guidance. With you, I’ve always got an abundance of fatherly love. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day!
  2. Make every moment count as you celebrate your day. Cheers to your big day, daddy-in-law!
  3. On this special day, I’m sending you warm wishes and gifts. Happy bday, dear father-in-law!
  4. May your troubles be less and blessings be more, and nothing but happiness comes through your door. Happiest birthday, beloved father.
  5. I hope you enjoy your special day because you deserve it! Warmest wishes, dearest dad.
  6. HBD to a great man who took me under his wing as his own: my dear father-in-law.
  7. Happy birthday to my dear father-in-law who is so much more than that!
  8. When I became part of your family, I could never imagine I would be treated just like one of your own. Thank you for making me feel at home.
  9. A great spouse is a rare find. A great father-in-law is even rarer. I’m so lucky to have found both.
  10. On this birthday, I hope you keep enlightening me with your wise words, be healthy, and keep radiating positivity.
  11. I keep telling my husband how I want him to be just like you when he gets older. Happy bday, father-in-law!
  12. You’re a good man and it shows in your behaviours and actions. May the Lord continue to give you a long, blessed and happy life.
  13. There’s one truth in life: You’re the best father-in-law anyone could hope for. And it’s a fact.
  14. Life is great when you’re around us. And I want you to be around us always. Have a lovely B’day.

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Birthday wishes images

birthday wishes for father in law birthday wishes for father in law birthday wishes for father in law

Use these birthday wishes on your father-in-law’s birthday to make him feel he is a very special one. You can download these images as many times as you want.

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