Happy Birthday Wishes for Long Distance Boyfriend (With Copy Button)

Show your boyfriend how much you love him even when you are miles away. Do it on his birthday as this day would be the best day to express your feelings for him. Distance doesn’t matter when your roots are so strong. If somehow, you can’t meet each other on your boyfriend’s birthday, you should make his bday one of the best days of his life. To do this, you can take help of long distance bday wishes. Here you’ll get a bunch of wishes that you can send to your caring boyfriend on his special day. Just take a quick scan and pick up the best lines for him.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Far Away Boyfriend

Words have the power to express what you can’t. Your wishes and blessings should be very strong and heart touching. He may be very far away from you but it is your love that makes your relationship stronger and stronger.

birthday wishes for long distance boyfriend

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ll be thinking of you today, like every day, and hoping you’re having a great time celebrating turning another year older. I love you so much.
  2. Happy bday my boyfriend. Remember, I believe in you more than I believe in myself.
  3. Happy birthday, baby. Close your eyes and you will sense my presence. I am always there for you. You are never alone.
  4. A million “I love you”s will never be enough to express how much I adore you. Your love is the reason I breathe and live. My love, happy bday.
  5. Happy birthday, the best boyfriend on the planet. I was wondering if I should buy a gift for myself instead of you since you aren’t here.
  6. I don’t care what I have as long as I have you; you are my pure wealth; living with you is eternally gold; happy bday, love of my life!

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  1. You fill my heart with the brightest and happiest thoughts. You have graced my life with so much cheer and positivity. Have a blessed and Happiest Birthday, my sunshine.
  2. There is nothing in this world sweeter than your smile. Today, I wish your moments be full of joy and cheers. Happy bday, honey!
  3. Life loses all meaning when I do not get to see you. Right now, I am miles away from you, but you still own my heart. Happiest Birthday, my boyfriend!
  4. our happy thoughts and loving words give me an immeasurable sense of joy. Happy bday, my precious man.
  5. No amount of words can ever be enough to express my feelings for you. Happiest Birthday to the love of my life! Wishing you all the happiness in this world!

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Cute Long Distance Birthday Messages for Him

It is a well known fact that long distance makes your love stronger. Although it is quite difficult to stay away for so long but it making your love foundation stronger. If you are looking for some of the cute birthday sayings for your man, just scroll down a little bit this page.

long distance birthday messages for him

  1. My heart pines for you. With a thousand miles between you and me, days seem like months. I hope to see you soon, baby. Happy birthday
  2. You and I are united as long as we are beneath the same sky. Congratulations on your bday!
  3. Wishing my cool, handsome, darling boyfriend a very happy birthday. May you have a rocking bday. Come back to me quick, my sweet love, as I miss you more than words alone can say.
  4. Thump, thump…’ Oh! My heart just reminded me to wish my love a very happy birthday. Have a great party, and enjoy your day.
  5. A Million “I love you” cannot suffice to tell you how much I love you. Your love is the reason I breathe, the reason I live. Happy bday, my love.
  6. Happy birthday to the man who holds my heart. If only I could prove to you that instead of beats, my heart sings your name. I love you.

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  1. Happy bday, my love. I sleep every night dreaming of you and wake up thinking of you. I miss you so much, it’s unbearable at this point. Please come back soon.
  2. Happy Birthday, darling. On this special occasion of your bday, I would like to thank God for creating and thank you for being born.
  3. Even from afar, my heart seeks you and makes kind wishes in your name. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.
  4. Your loving words and happy thoughts give me an immeasurable sense of joy. Happy bday, my precious.
  5. Even though we are far apart, you are on my mind and in my heart. Wishing you a birthday as wonderful as you are!

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Birthday Status for Long Distance Boyfriend

Time to tell the whole world how much you love your boyfriend who is miles away from you. Do it by updating your status on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social networks. Love is a thing that you can show off proudly and there is nothing wrong about it. So go ahead and use the given below wishes.

birthday status for long distance boyfriend

  1. Happy birthday to the man who holds my heart. If only I could prove to you that instead of beats, my heart sings your name. I love you.
  2. Happy bday, boyfriend. Close your eyes and you will feel me with you. I am always there with you. You are never alone.
  3. Happy birthday, the best boyfriend in the entire world. I was thinking as you are not here, should I buy a gift for myself, instead for you?
  4. Dearest love, it is YOUR bday. Sending your way lots of love, kisses, and hugs. The distance between us only makes me yearn more for you. I love you very much!
  5. Every moment I spend with you feels so magical. I will forever love you. Happy Birthday, dearest boyfriend!
  6. For me, seeing you smile is like breathing oxygen. I promise to dedicate my life to make you smile every single moment! Happiest bday my oxygen!

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  1. Life would be so boring without you. Have an amazing and fulfilling bday, and come back to me soon.
  2. Life seems so boring without you. Can’t wait to pull you into my arms and hold you like that forever. Happy bday my boyfriend!
  3. I cannot cross the ocean to be with you, so I am sending this text message to wish my love a very happy birthday. Have a great time.
  4. I loved the oceans until they divided us. But don’t worry, I know to swim, and the day I cannot take this distance anymore, I’ll swim my way to you. Happy bday, hero.
  5. I pray and hope that you always stay safe and happy. Happy Birthday, my love.

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Birthday Wishes Images

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That’s all about the long distance birthday wishes for your boyfriend. Hope you like this collection. You may also like romantic birthday wishes for boyfriend.

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