60+ Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Wife With Images

Birthday Wishes for Wife: Express your love to your wife on her birthday. This article is featured beautiful birthday wishes that will make your relationship stronger than ever before. Put a smile on your better half’s face and spend some precious time together on her special day. You got to make her bday more special after all she is very special to you. You might have a lot of plans for her birthday, but first, you should wish her a very happy bday. In order to do this, you can take help from the given below birthday wishes.

Beautiful birthday wishes for wife

Check out the beautiful wishes and messages crafted for your wife with images and pictures. There is a copy button after every greeting. Just click on it and it will be saved to the clipboard.

happy birthday wishes for wife

  1. Happy Birthday To My Wife. You dazzle me. I am so happy we get to share this crazy, beautiful life together. I love you.
  2. Your life is worth celebrating every day! But today, we’ll party a little more. You are amazing, and I love you so much!
  3. May each and every wish of yours come true and may we be together forever to celebrate them all. Happy bday, wife!
  4. Thank you for being my lover, my wife, my best friend, and my soul mate! I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Happy birthday, wife!
  5. Happy bday my dear wife. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love you. Let’s be happy forever.
  6. Once in a lifetime, we meet someone who makes us feel special and if we are luckier, we get to marry them. Thanks for making me the lucky one, happy birthday!
  7. Honey, thanks for coming into my life and making it heaven. I am blessed to have you as my wife. Happy Bday, my lady.

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birthday wishes images for wife in red theme

  1. If you ask how special is your birthday to me the quantity would cross the amount of water of all oceans together. Happy bday best wife ever.
  2. Blow your candles out and make a beautiful wish. I will do everything to make your birthday wishes come true. Happy bday my dear!
  3. Age is no enemy to you. Every year you become wiser and more sweet and beautiful! Happy bday to the one year more beautiful wife!
  4. Happy Birthday to the hottest and prettiest wife ever!!! Love you so much and I’m so proud of you! Happy bday, sweety!
  5. Happy birthday to you my honey, the best wife and mother ever. You make our family shine, even when the skies are grey.
  6. Our relationship is all about looking forward to the wonderful times we would have. I can’t imagine sharing my life with anybody else.
  7. My darling wife, I am wishing you the kind of life you truly deserve – a life filled with joy overflowing. Happy bday and keep on shining.
  8. You certainly are the finest woman in the whole world. I still cannot believe that you chose to share the rest of your life with me. I thank God for having to wake up beside you every day. Happy birthday my dear.

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Romantic happy birthday messages for wife

Add some romance to your wishes using the romantic bday messages. Given below are some romantic lines that you can use in wishing her a very Happy Birthday.

romantic birthday wishes for wife

  1. Happiest birthday to the one who still takes my breath away with her stunning smile even after all these years! You are the jackpot to my treasure hunt!
  2. Happy bday, dear wife! You make me experience a love that is warmer than the warmest sunshine. You always make me feel the happiest person alive!
  3. The Lord has taken plenty of time in perfecting a gem with no flaws. That gem is the love of my life. Happy birthday, Love.
  4. Your love has turned me into this happy, ‘always smiling man that I am today, I am forever grateful to you! Thank you for everything, without you I’m nothing! Happy bday, love.
  5. You are an angel in the form of a human and I am lucky to call you my wife. Happy birthday, my dear. May God keep showering his blessings on you.
  6. Your cheeks get rosier when you blush and your smile lines get broader when I admire you. All this melts my heart. Happy bday, wife.
  7. Since the day I saw you, I have fallen for you and have still not gotten over it. You are the sweetest and prettiest woman I know. I wish you a happy birthday and more shared memories of joy.

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romantic birthday wishes for wife

  1. From the day you came into my life, I felt as if I was in paradise for the first time. My heart is forever yours, and I cherish you, my wife. Have a wonderful birthday.
  2. Your love is my life. My world would be dark, cold, and empty without you. In your arms, In you I find paradise. Thank you for beautifying my world. Happy bday.
  3. No one can ever embrace my life like you do, my adorable wife, and the best gift God has granted me. Happy birthday, my love.
  4. Honey, I love every single thing about you. You are extremely amazing because I’m very picky! Happy bday.
  5. I will be forever grateful for the love you have given me all these years. I just hope that you have many more years to spend with me. Happy Birthday!
  6. I love driving you crazy and making you mad. It is all in an attempt to play with u. You make me want to be so playful. Happy bday my wife.
  7. You are so beautiful to me. You are my fantasy. You are the color of my world. You are the treasure forever I will hold. Happy Birthday!
  8. You are a special woman and I am glad that on this day some years ago, God brought you into this world, and ever since u have lit it up just like you light my life up. Happy bday, baby.

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Short birthday wishes to wife

Would you like to use some short wishes? This is because short messages receive more readers. If your wife doesn’t like reading long messages, then you can opt for such messages. So here they are.

short birthday wishes for wife

  1. Dear wife, I pray that your bday is filled with happiness. Have a great Birthday!
  2. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Keep that smile on. Happy birthday, dear wifey.
  3. Happy Bday, dear wife. I have the most beautiful woman as my wife in this whole world.
  4. Darling, thanks for making me the happiest man on this earth. Happy birthday!
  5. I am glad that Cupid hit me with his arrow when I was admiring your beauty. Happy bday, dear.
  6. I may not always say this, my dear love, but you are the most important thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Happy birthday, Love.
  7. You have changed me into the man I am today. For that, I am forever grateful, I bless the day you were born. Happy birthday my wife.

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birthday images for wife kissing on cheek

  1. I am the luckiest man in the world fortunate enough to hold in my arms the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Happy birthday.
  2. May this year be yours filled with all the happiness in life. I wish this day to be a special day, Happy bday!
  3. To the world, the sun rises from the east, but to me, it rises in your eyes. Happy birthday, my beloved wife.
  4. I love your smile, I Luv ur touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible. Happy bday to my wife.
  5. I love your smile, I love your touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible, Happy birthday to my wife.
  6. I must have been a gambler in my past life because I did get lucky to win you as my prize. Happy bday, wife!
  7. You are all things wonderful, all things meaningful and all things possible. I am blessed to have a perfect wife. Happy bday, dear.
  8. Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.

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Birthday wishes for long distance wife

If your wife is living very far away from you and you are looking for long-distance wishes, then this section is for you. It is well said that distance doesn’t matter when the roots are strongly attached. Express your feelings using these wishes.

birthday wishes for long distance wife

  1. I’m so proud to be your husband, we may be separated right now, but our love is still alive, and that’s the most important thing. I love you so much, baby! Have a happy birthday!
  2. Happy bday, wishing you many more. I like to think my love for you is as vast as the universe, and if you were to count all the stars in the sky, your love for me would outdo that and crush those numbers. You are simply amazing, love You bunches!
  3. I am so lucky to have you. You are the love of my life and I want to spend every moment with you. Happy birthday to the most amazing woman in the world!
  4. Happy Bday! I hope this day is special and that this year brings you everything you wish for. If I were there, I would make you a cup of your favorite drink and give you a kiss.
  5. To my wonderful wife. I wish you a birthday as bright as a diamond, sparkling like a star, and so special that you will still be smiling about it when your next bday comes along! Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Bday to you baby. You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen. But more than that, you have the most beautiful heart ever. I feel so proud to call you my wife.
  7. Thank you and a very happy birthday to you and me! We were both born on the same date but in different countries. Does distance matter? Not to me. Let’s thank technology for bringing us together.

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birthday wishes images for long distance wife

  1. My darling wife you are such a beauty. May the blessing of another year add as much joy to your life as you bring to mine. Happy Birthday.
  2. Happy Bday beautiful! On your Birthday today, I realize that I have lived one more year with the prettiest woman in the whole world.
  3. I know we’re far apart today, but your bday is the ideal time to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. Sweetheart, I love you the moon and back. Have a wonderful birthday.
  4. You, dear, are a source of support and joy in my life. I couldn’t have wished for a sweeter wife than you. Happy Bday!
  5. Today, you can wish for whatever you desire, and I will pray for it to come true. Today is your day. Happy birthday, darling.
  6. Words can’t describe how painful it is to not be with you on your special day. Even though I’m not in front of you, I cherish you near to my heart and hope to see you again soon. Happy bday!
  7. Sweetheart, you’re like a long-lost piece of a puzzle that I’ve eventually discovered. You’ve added something new to every part of my life. I hope your special day is filled with joy. All my love is for you.
  8. Our relationship started long distance and it was hard at times but nothing worthwhile comes easy. I am looking forward to spending many more years with you. Happy birthday to my darling wife. I love you!

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Happy birthday wife wishes status updates

happy birthday wife wishes status

  1. Hey, keep blessing our house with your love and affection towards me and my child. Happy birthday, Shona!
  2. Since you have come into my life, my luck has always been on my side always. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Happy bday, honey!
  3. Wishing you a fantastic birthday ever! your unconditional love gives me the power to move forward in life. I adore you more than anyone else. Happy bday, wifey!
  4. I surrendered my heart to you when we got married. Today, on your special day, I wish to surrender my soul to you. Happy birthday, wife!
  5. I feel so fortunate to have such a supportive and beautiful life partner like you. Sweetheart! I wish you true joy and happiness on your bday, and always! Happy birthday, Jaan!
  6. Thank you for entering my life, honey! You make every day so joyful and meaningful. I wish you a magical bday and a wonderful year!
  7. I will never forget that spark that made me fall in love with you. Happy Birthday my love! You never lost that spark.

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birthday wishes for wife hugging image

  1. You are the love of my life and you will always be. May this special day be, and every other day, full of happiness and joyful moments!
  2. Give my life a purpose that helps me overcome all the negative moments and all the anxiety of the day. I’m so lucky to have a wife like you. Happy birthday, wife!
  3. One of the secrets to having a happy life is a slow and constant amount of small surprises. Happy bday!
  4. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner like you, sweetheart! I wish you true happiness on your birthday, and always!
  5. Best bday wishes to the perfect woman in the world who chose to love an imperfect man like me. Happy birthday!
  6. Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy bday my dear wife!
  7. Your birthday cake is symbolic of how your sweetness makes my life’s bitter moments worth tolerating. Happy bday.
  8. Happy birthday, my love! A thousand words won’t be able to describe your shining beauty, a thousand words won’t be able to express what is in my heart.

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Birthday wishes for wife with images

birthday wishes for wife with images birthday wishes for wife birthday wishes for wife birthday wishes for wife birthday wishes for wife copy paste

As you can see there are images also available. You can use these pictures as pictures speak louder than words. Just send these wishes to your wife and don’t forget to share this article with others.

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